Tips on Choosing Garage Doors

What you should consider when choosing your new garage door.

How much do I need to spend?

Value for money can be found at all price levels. However, as a general guide, the cost of a garage door is based on the following:

  • Door size
  • Design
  • Material
  • Finish
  • Lifting gear
  • Electric operation

Up & Over Garage Doors

Generally the more cost effective door option starting with the Horizon and increasing in price depending on the style. Up and Over doors are also relatively easy to install but offer virtually no thermal resistance due to the panel construction and the gaps around the panel to allow the door to move during its opening and closing cycles. Up & Over doors also require an amount of room in front of and within the garage to allow the door to operate. Drive through height will be reduced as may drive through width depending upon the exact gear specified. However Up & Over doors offer the widest range of design choices and sizes are available in almost any size from 6’6″ to over 16′ wide and between 6′ to over 8′ high.

Up And Over Garage Doors – Canopy Gear

Canopy up & over garage doors have the simplest and most common type of garage door lifting gear. It provides the maximum drive through width when opened and is the easiest to install. As the name implies a trackless canopy garage door forms roughly equivalent to one third of the garage doors height when fully opened.

Up And Over Garage Doors – Retractable Gear

Retractable garage doors are fitted with overhead horizontally mounted tracks that the garage door runs on, along with side mounted pivot arms and springs to help support the garage door. When fully opened, retractable garage doors will almost fully retract into the garage.

Sectional Garage Doors

A sectional door, as the name implies, is made up from separate sections rather than a single panel. This allows for exceptionally smooth operation both manually and when electrically operated.

The sectional door mechanism has several distinct advantages over other mechanism types. Sectional doors ensure maximum drive-through width because the frame fits directly behind the door jamb and also allows for greater headroom clearance, vital for taller vehicles such as 4x4s. Even with electric operation, the door and mechanism is designed for optimum use of available garage headroom.

To ensure a long-term resilience against the elements, hot galvanised steel is used for sectional door panels and frames. Sections are embossed and coated with a plastic polyester primer to provide the finest protection system available. All Sectional doors are supplied pre-finished in white and are ready-to-fit almost any sized garage opening.

Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are the more modern type of garage door, offering ease of operation, high security for you and your belongings, whilst adding value to your home by looking great. Roller shutter garage doors are space saving, allowing you the full use of the driveway, and rolling into a confined space into the garage, providing you with maximum room both inside and out.


Manufactured from tough twin-walled aluminium slats with an insulating core, the curtain is held in place with high-performance webbing which gives extremely quiet operation and is unaffected by extremes of temperature. A strong extruded top slat and our unique locking mechanism effectively resist attack by would-be intruders.

SeceuroGlide is available in a choice or wood-effect finishes and over forty textured woodgrain finishes, allowing you to match your door to existing paintwork or double-glazing for a coordinated look to your home. Looking for something different? SeceuroGlide is also available powder coated to any RAL or BS colour giving you unlimited possibilities.

Each door is supplied as standard with a SeceuroSense receiver with built in courtesy light, your choice of two key fobs an optical safety edge and an internal manual override.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

In recent years there has been a revival in demand for traditional side hung garage doors. Ideal if you have obstructions inside your garage or limited headroom or if your garage is used for storage. Opening outwards side hinged doors are easy and convenient to use and can be automated using special conversion arms. There are numerous size, style, material and colour options available.

Side hinged doors can be supplied pre-hung in their own steel frame or to fit to existing or new timber frames.