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Hormann are one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality garage doors, industrial doors, steel and aluminium front entrance and personnel doors and garage door operators.

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Hormann Up and Over Garage Doors

The ultimate in quality and aesthetics. Up and Over Garage Doors are original and simply the best in terms of quality and security; appearance and convenience; and advanced technology. Each Hormann up-and-over garage door contains the expertise gained from over 50 years of building garage doors. Thanks to the wide variety of styles of up-and-over garage doors, you are sure to find the right one for your home.

The Up and Over range comprise of the Series 2000 Range, which offers a wide choice of styles, sizes and automation options, all manufactured to the highest quality. This range has been created exclusively for the UK market and is produced in imperial dimensions and three gear options, with superb designs for every style of property

Remember that any up and over garage door always requires a fixing sub frame – either in timber or steel. It will not fit properly to any structure without the subframe! This frame needs to be fitted in between or behind the structure as required by the size or preference.

Hormann garage doors
Hormann up & over garage doors

Hormann Sectional Garage Doors

Hormann sectional garage doors offer quality, convenience, and security to your new garage doors. Hormann’s automatic sectional garage doors open vertically, meaning that you have more space both inside and in front of the garage. Sectional doors are made up of separate sections rather than a single panel, allowing for exceptionally smooth operation both manually and when electrically operated.

The sectional garage door mechanism has several distinct advantages over other mechanism types. Sectional doors ensure maximum drive-through width because the frame fits directly behind the door jamb and also allows for greater headroom clearance, vital for taller vehicles such as 4x4s. Even with electric operation, the door and mechanism is designed for optimum use of available garage headroom.

To ensure a long-term resilience against the elements, hot galvanized steel is used for sectional door panels and frames. Sections are embossed and coated with a plastic polyester primer to provide the finest protection system available. All our sectional doors are supplied pre-finished in white and are ready-to-fit almost any sized garage opening.

If you have any queries about your door please contact us for advice before purchasing your doors.

hormann sectional garage doors

Hormann Entrance and Personnel Doors

Create exactly the door you want. Hormann offers many options, so you are certain to find the perfect door to fit your home. Just about all the entrance door styles have optional glazings and colours of your choice. Side elements and/or transom lights are also possible. if you have any queries about your door please contact us for advice before purchasing your doors.