How to measure a seceuroglide garage door

Fitting & Headroom Requirements

  • SeceuroGlide and SeceuroGlide Excel require a minimum of 300mm headroom for doors up to 2500mm in opening height and 350mm headroom for door up to 3500mm opening height.
  • SeceuroGlide Manual requires a minimum headroom of 300mm
  • SeceuroGlide Compact requires just 205mm headroom for doors with an opening height up to 2150mm

Guide Width

  • SeceuroGlide has a guide width of 75mm, guide widths are 90mm for doors 5200mm wide and over
  • SeceuroGlide Excel has a guide width of 90mm on all sizes of door
  • SeceuroGlide Manual has a guide width of 90mm on all sizes of door
  • SeceuroGlide Compact has a guide width of 60mm on all sizes of door

External Doors

In applications where the door is installed externally the remote control system must be installed either inside the garage or in a waterproof box (not included). The bottom slat transmitter must always be installed on the internal face of the door and is not suitable for applications where it will be exposed to weather or excessive moisture due to condensation.

SeceuroGlide Excel Restrictions

SeceuroGlide Excel is not available as supply only as it must be installed by a trained installer. SeceuroGlide Excel doors must always be internally fitted, and where possible with the entire coil above the opening. If the coil needs to be fitted within the opening then an upgraded version of the end plate is available for a surcharge. The low-level external override option is not available for SeceuroGlide Excel. In cases where the garage door is the only means of entry to the garage a battery backup will be required. All SeceuroGlide Excel doors are supplied with 90mm guide rails.

Extreme Weather Conditions

High winds and high temperatures on double doors can cause increased deflection of the door. It is the installer’s responsibility to ensure that the door is spaced off the wall sufficiently to allow for door movement during these extreme weather conditions.