SWS SeceuroShield 150 Security Shutter




SWS SeceuroShield 150 Security Shutter

The SeceroShield Security Shutter system combines classic appearance with a high level of protection, ideal for your home or workplace. Designed to keep intruders out, they are perfect for vulnerable ground floor windows or doors, for domestic, retail or commercial premises. When not in use these security shutters are surprisingly unobtrusive. SeceuroShield security shutters are exceptionally safe and easy to handle with a smooth, quiet operation.

Built-on or built-in security shutter

  • CFC-Free foam filled rolled aluminium curtain profile
  • Low to medium security applications
  • Spans widths up to 3400mm
  • Effective heat and sound insulation
  • Also used for shading and light control
  • Lightweight therefore ideal for manual operation
  • Vented slat option
  • Flexible shading, light control and blackout
  • Available with radio motors for home automation with wireless control
  • Manual or electric operation

Choose me if:

You are looking for a compact and attractive security solution

 You require shade and ventilation as well as security for your home or office

 You need your security to offer insulation and sound proofing

 The overall width is not greater than 3400mm

Ideal For:

  • Protection in a larger space
  • Externally fitted shutters
  • Security blends in with the building and surroundings


  • A high security profile about to cover up to 20 sqm
  • Very strong extruded aluminium profile
  • Higher security applications on commercial / retail premises
  • Can be fitted both internally and externally
  • Larger slat profile

Available Options

  • Wide range of customisable sizes
  • Window or door application
  • Colours

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